October 2016

  • New training module and assessment added
    A new module covering the topic of factoring has been added to our already extensive suite of on-line training modules...
  • ICC policy primer on the Internet of Everything
    A new paper by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on the Internet of everything brings to light how new technology can be leveraged by developing countries to address fundamental sustainable development issues and needs...
  • ICC releases its latest trade finance survey
    The ICC today issued its latest Global Trade Finance survey based on 2015 data...
  • ICC Banking Commission Executive Committee announces insufficient justification for a UCP revision at this time
    The ICC today announced that in view of the fact that UCP 600 has been effective since 2007, the Executive Committee of the ICC Banking Commission recently undertook a review of current practice in order to determine whether or not a revision would be justified...
    A recent student survey by The London Institute of Banking & Finance (formerly known as ifs) contained the following highlights: - 88% of students said that the Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF®) was beneficial to the organisation they work for...