September 2015

  • Digitisation of trade
    It has been apparent for a number of years that digitisation of information is the key to the future world of trade, and that learning to utilise this development will enhance the opportunities for banks to assist their clients along the entire supply chain...
  • Possible sanctions lifting to increase opportunities for trade finance with Iran.
    In a report in Gulf News: It is stated that increased trade and investment could boost growth in Iran's banking sector and support asset quality of domestic banks, although such improvements would depend on the strengthening of banks' capital levels and the implementation of structural reforms, credit rating agency Moody's said on 9 September...
  • Indonesia to relax the requirement for letters of credit to cover oil and gas exports
    Reuters report: It was stated that Indonesia will remove a requirement for oil and gas exporters to be paid through letters of credit with Indonesian banks in a bid to support exports, Energy Minister Sudirman Said told a reporter on Thursday (10 September)...
  • Latest BPO Market Adoption Information
    The file below contains the latest data with regard to BPO adoption...