ICC releases latest Trade Finance Survey


The 2018 Survey, titled “Global Trade – Securing Future Growth” is now available via the ICC’s website and the following link

The link will take you to the ICC website where you will be required to complete a short registration form. Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email with a link to download the survey document. The link is good for one download.

As usual, the publication includes annual statistics provided by SWIFT (for 1 January to 31 December 2017). Highlights of these statistics are:

MT700’s issued in 2017 was 4,247,185 which gave an average of 353,932 per month.

For all regions, the breakdown in forms of availability for a documentary credit was:

Negotiation 73%

Payment 11%

Deferred Payment 9%

Acceptance 7%

Overall, trade finance volume fell by 2.35% in 2017, but this was 50% of the fall seen for 2016 (4.72%).

Category 7 messages fell 1.56% and category 4 by 5.3%.

The average value of a documentary credit rose to USD537k from USD463k in 2016.

Banks in Asia, unsurprisingly, issued 73.8% of the MT700’s and received 77.2% of the annual volume.

Banks in Bangladesh issued the largest number of MT700’s and banks in China received the highest number.

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