February 2020

  • Draft Opinions Dubai April 2020
    Five queries have been received for discussion at the next ICC Banking Commission meeting in Dubai, in April 2020...
  • Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDTT) update
    As mentioned previously, an update on the progress of the Uniform Rules for Digital Trade (URDT) was presented during the Paris Banking Commission meeting in October 2019...
  • Recap of 300 blogs
    It is with some pride, but also amazement, that we realise well over 300 blogs have now been published...
  • ICC Digitalisation Working Group - update
    The ICC Banking Commission has updated their website with regard to the Digitalisation of Trade Finance...
  • ICC Policy & Guidance Papers
    Outdated Position Papers 1, 2, 3, 4 (UCP 500) -Note: where appropriate, integrated to UCP 600   Original Documents (UCP 500) -Note: consolidated with UCP 600   Examination of Documents, Waiver of Discrepancies & Notice (UCP 500)   Transferable Credits (UCP 500)   Non-bank issuance of documentary credits (UCP 500)     Current Recommendations in respect of the requirements for an On board Notation -https://iccwbo...