May 2016

  • Reasonable time
    UCP 290 sub-article 8 (d) and UCP 400 sub-article 16 (c) provided for an issuing bank to have a ‘reasonable time' to examine documents...
  • Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport documents
    UCP 600 article 24 covers three separate and distinct types of transport documents - those covering road, rail and inland waterway...
  • Should have used a letter of credit!
    It seems somewhat appropriate that the first known recorded customer service complaint was with respect to international trade...
  • Container, trailer or LASH barge
    How many practitioners actually understand the above terms? They appear twice in UCP 600: sub-articles 20 (c) (ii) and 21 (c) (ii) in respect of bills of lading and non-negotiable sea waybills (NNSW) respectively...
  • On Deck Shipments
    UCP 600 article 26 clarifies that a transport document must not indicate that the goods are or will be loaded on deck, although a clause stating that goods may be loaded on deck is acceptable...