April 2020

  • International Standard Demand Guarantees Practice (ISDGP) update
    First mentioned in the URDG Newsletter dated 1 July 2012, edited by Georges Affaki: "Task Force members are often asked whether the ICC Banking Commission will compile and release in the form of a booklet the "international standard demand guarantee practice" referred to in URDG 758 article 2...
  • ICC issues recommendations to reform global trade
    The ICC recommendations ‘Reforming the Multilateral Rules-Based Trading System: The outcomes we want for people and planet,' provide an outcomes-based approach to reforming international trade with the overriding objective of making trade work for people and planet...
  • Sherlock Holmes
    Moving at a tangent to our normal postings, it is with great interest that we recently discovered a connection between the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and Letters of Credit...