March 2021

  • More DOCDEX Decisions
    DOCDEX 371 A presentation was made under a documentary credit subject to UCP 600...
  • Additional DOCDEX Decisions
    DOCDEX 369 Under a standby credit subject to UCP 600, documents were sent to the issuing bank via an incomplete address stated in the "Sender" field of the SWIFT message which led to a delay in receipt of the documents by the correct branch...
  • More DOCDEX Decisions
    DOCDEX 365 The advising bank of a documentary credit subject to UCP 600 delayed the advising of an amendment, and the beneficiary took the matter to a court of law...
  • More DOCDEX Decisions
    DOCDEX 362 Under a documentary credit subject to UCP 600, the documents required for claiming the final 10% were ambiguous as to whether or not an acceptance certificate and a bank guarantee or an invoice and a bank guarantee were required...
  • eUCP Unravelled
    What is eUCP? The focus of the eUCP is concentrated upon the presentation of electronic records, alone or in combination with paper documents, and not to issuance of an eUCP credit...