November 2017

  • Developing New Products
    "In the 21st century, an illiterate is not one who cannot read or write,   but one who is unwilling to learn, unlearn, and relearn" Harvard Business Review Role of a Product Manager: Wide background of skills Specific awareness and understanding of the product line: What does the product do? Technology and IT Target market Forecast competitive changes and movements in market conditions Understand market & client needs Maximise product value Ensure excellence in Customer Service Identify new product opportunities Act as the catalyst for innovation Develop individual product fact books - update regularly Overview / USP / Pricing etc...
  • Review of ICC Opinion TA.864rev - Certificate of Origin/Free Trade Agreement
    A credit was issued including a condition for presentation of a ‘Certificate of Australian Origin of the commodity issued by Australian Business Chamber in the form for China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, issued in Australia in one original and three copies'...
  • Release of Goods and Fraud
    A subject that re-surfaces occasionally is that of goods being released to a buyer prior to a documentary credit being settled...
  • Revisiting Trade Risk
    The key to fulfilling a successful trade transaction is to understand and mitigate the associated risks...
  • Addresses on Documents
    UCP 600 sub-article 14 (j) states that when the addresses of the beneficiary and the applicant appear in any stipulated document, they need not be the same as those stated in the documentary credit or in any other stipulated document, but must be within the same country as the respective addresses mentioned in the documentary credit...