July 2017

  • Smarter usage of information
    One of the three recommendations resulting from the recent ICC consultation into a possible UCP revision advocated smarter usage of information in order to achieve greater awareness by practitioners...
  • Documentary Credits: where are the main problems?
    A number of recent blogs have highlighted the ICC Banking Commission consultation regarding a potential revision of UCP 600...
  • ISBP: where can it go from here?
    Timelines Standard Banking Practices for the Examination of Documents (SBPED) - standard banking practices: US Council on International Banking / Mexican Bankers Association - issued in 1997 ISBP 645 published in 2003 ISBP 681 released 2007, to bring it in line with UCP 600: much of the ISBP text remained unchanged although certain alterations had to be made...
  • Developing e-compliance in ICC rules
    As advised by the ICC Banking Commission in its press release of 6 June 2017, the "Digitalisation of Trade Finance Working Group" has now been launched...
  • The principle of autonomy re-visited
    At the end of 2015, we published a blog on the principle of autonomy with regard to documentary credits...