September 2020

  • Bills of Lading
    Although usage of bills of lading can be traced back to Roman times in the first century AD, the modern bill of lading did not come into use until mediaeval times...
  • Further DOCDEX Decisions
    DOCDEX 359 A credit, subject to UCP 600, included a condition that the issuing bank would only effect payment when payment was received from the applicant...
  • UNCITRAL Model Laws – an overview
    We have mentioned UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) Model Laws on numerous occasions in the past...
  • Further Digitalisation ramblings
    Recent developments of note include:   The Marco Polo network completed an open account trade finance trial with 70 organizations using its blockchain platform...
  • Draft Opinions Cyprus October 2020 (virtual)
    Five queries have been received for discussion at the next ICC Banking Commission meeting which will be held virtually in October 2020...