October 2017

  • Developing e-compliance in ICC rules: an update
    As mentioned in a previous blog, the ICC has established a new Working Group on Digitalisation, with its inaugural meeting held in Jakarta prior to the most recent ICC Banking Commission plenary session...
  • Documentary Credit Fees and Charges
    A generic LC application form, either paper or online, will include a field that is intended to provide an indication of who is responsible for the payment of each bank's charges, i...
  • 'Joker' clauses
    On occasion, we are made aware of documentary credits that include terms and conditions that allow the applicant to ‘more or less' control the settlement process, commonly referred to as ‘joker' clauses...
  • Acceptance of electronically generated documents
    During the Opinions session, at the ICC Banking Commission meeting held in Jakarta in April 2017, a query was presented that addressed, amongst other issues, electronically generated documents...
  • Digital Ramblings
    A blockchain is only as good as the data it receives...
  • Managing the CDCS Examination
    Objectives: Demonstrate a level of expertise in documentary credits that is recognised worldwide...