February 2017

  • Islamic Banking: an introduction
    There have been 3 key attempts to establish modern Islamic financial institutions over the past century...
  • Factoring: an introduction
    Factoring is the most popular form of financial service when it comes to receivables management and open account trade financing...
  • From data to wisdom: where next for Trade Finance?
    We are reaching a time when our approach to the handling of international trade and trade finance will be totally re-defined...
  • Does it make sense to integrate ISBP with UCP?
    Does it make sense to integrate ISBP with UCP?   This is a comment that has been raised on a number of occasions since the first version, ISBP 645, was published in 2003...
  • IncotermsĀ® 2020
    Incoterms® is a set of international rules promoted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for the uniform interpretation of commonly used trade terms in foreign and domestic trade...
  • Spare Parts
    A recent ICC Opinion, TA...