Further Digitalisation ramblings


Recent developments of note include:


The Marco Polo network completed an open account trade finance trial with 70 organizations using its blockchain platform.


essDOCS customers Rio Tinto and Hydro recently executed the first ever paperless trade in the alumina commodity segment. The transaction marks the first ever use of the CargoDocs solution for executing an alumina shipment, in addition to marking the first ever use of the solution by the Rio Tinto and Hydro entities involved, and shipowner IVS Bulk.


essDOCS announced a partnership with an industry group of members of the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA), the premier trade association representing U.S. agribusinesses.


Contour (formerly Voltron) moves into full commercialisation of its offering and has established itself in Singapore as a fully independent network and is inviting banks and corporates to join its beta network.









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