Additional DOCDEX Decisions



Under a standby credit subject to UCP 600, documents were sent to the issuing bank via an incomplete address stated in the "Sender" field of the SWIFT message which led to a delay in receipt of the documents by the correct branch. The issuing bank reverted with a number of discrepancies within five banking days following the day of receipt of the documents by the correct branch. However, the message did not include a notice of refusal, nor any information regarding the status of the documents. As such, it was decided that the issuing bank was precluded from claiming that the documents did not constitute a complying presentation and must honour.




Three documentary collections, all subject to URC 522, were presented to the same drawee for payment at sight. The goods were released to the drawee without payment. It was decided that the Collecting and Presenting Bank breached the specific instructions of the Remitting Bank to release documents against payment only.




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