Back to Basics – Documentary Collections – URC 522


The Uniform Rules for Collections (URC) were originally introduced in January 1979, under ICC Publication No. 322. 


The latest revision, Publication No. 522, came into effect on 1 January 1996.


As with all revisions of international rules, changes were introduced in order to keep abreast with commercial developments and practices. 


URC 522 is divided into 26 articles under 7 distinct sections:


A. General Provisions and Definitions - articles 1-3


B. Form and Structure of Collections - article 4


C. Form of Presentation - articles 5-8


D. Liabilities and Responsibilities - articles 9-15


E. Payment - articles 16-19


F. Interest, Charges and Expenses - articles 20-21


G. Other Provisions - articles 22-26






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