CITF® examination: a timely update?


As we have highlighted in previous blogs, the CITF® examination was developed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance (formerly ifs University College) and launched in 2009, with endorsement by the ICC in 2014.


The course has a number of objectives, including:


  • Advise trainees appropriately on the basics of international trade and finance;
  • Understand the processes involved in each type of international trade product;
  • Understand the risks involved in international trade and how to mitigate them;
  • Understand current banking practices, and conventions that are applicable to international trade; and
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in international trade transactions.


As such, it is very clear that the qualification cannot remain static and must take account of evolving market practice.


We are aware that a process is now in place to examine the existing syllabus and textbook.


As this moves forward, we will keep you appraised of developments.



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