eUCP Version 2.0: Article e10 Date of Issuance


This article requires that an electronic record provide evidence of its date of issuance. This differs from eUCP version 1.1 which did not contain a rule requiring an electronic record to be dated, but did provide a method of determining the date of an electronic record where it is required to be dated by the credit,  


Dates are significant for customs, taxation, identification of ownership, liability, insurance, transportation, amongst numerous other issues. 


The date of issuance of a document can be critical in the document examination process. UCP 600 necessitates that both transport and insurance documents be dated. Furthermore, in addition to specific requirements in a credit, certain other documents, such as statements or certificates may also require a date. 


A major benefit of this article is that all records will be dated under the eUCP, meaning that the absence of a date on the electronic record as a reason to refuse documents should never occur.







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