eUCP Version 2.0: Article e2 Relationship of the eUCP to the UCP


Article e2 of the eUCP addresses the issues that arise from the relationship between the two sets of rules including the applicability of UCP 600, which provision controls in the event of a conflict, and whether the eUCP should apply where there is no electronic record required or presented.


Because the eUCP is not independent, it must be read in conjunction with UCP 600. Accordingly, eUCP sub-article e2 (a) automatically incorporates UCP 600. 


Because the eUCP was intended to supplement UCP 600 only with respect to presentation of electronic records, every effort was made to minimise its impact on UCP 600 for an eUCP credit. eUCP sub-article e2 (b) provides that where there is a conflict between a provision of the eUCP and UCP 600, the eUCP controls.


In the event that paper documents only are presented under an eUCP credit, then UCP alone will apply. 



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