eUCP Version 2.0: Article e3 Definitions 1/2


This eUCP article comprises a group of words or phrases used in the eUCP. 


The eUCP definitions are modelled on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law on Electronic Commerce, which is the most widely imitated in eCommerce legislation.


The selections we are addressing within this blog are current UCP terms that now also apply to electronic presentations. 



Appear on their face:  complements the meaning of ‘appear on their face' in UCP 600 sub-article 14(a) (Standard for Examination of Documents). This concept now extends to examination of electronic records presented under the eUCP.  


Document: allows for electronic records presented under eUCP to be added to the meaning of the word ‘document' as used (although not defined) in UCP 600. 


Place for presentation:  now means that the phrase ‘place for presentation', as used in UCP 600, includes an electronic address of a data processing system.


Presenter: in eUCP, this means a beneficiary, its banker, or any other party acting on behalf of the beneficiary, which is presenting electronic records (or electronic records and paper documents) to a nominated bank, confirming bank, if any, or directly to the issuing bank. 


Sign: adds an electronic signature to the meaning of the term ‘sign'.  


Superimposed, notation or stamped: complements the terms as used in UCP 600 in order to describe the addition of information to an electronic record. 




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