eUCP Version 2.0: Article e9 Originals and Copies


Originality of a document has long been an issue in the paper world. This was addressed in the ICC Decision titled "The determination of an ‘original' document in the context of UCP 500 sub-Article 20(b)"and, subsequently, the decision was used as the basis for the revision of UCP 500 sub-article 20 (b). UCP 600 sub-articles 17 (b) and (c) continue to uphold the concept. 


When applied to electronic records, the concept of originality is basically out-dated and has no real meaning. 


This article takes the approach of functional equivalency, providing that any requirement for an original is fulfilled by the presentation of a required electronic record. 


It is worth noting that, under this article, any requirement in an eUCP credit for presentation of a full set of bills of lading would be satisfied by the presentation of a single electronic record.


Many credits, for a myriad of (not always necessary) reasons, require presentation of more than one original or copy of a document. Under an eUCP credit, such requirements are fulfilled by the presentation of one required electronic record.

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