eUCP Version 2.0 changes


In advance of our more detailed blogs, which we will be providing over the coming weeks on the content of each and every article of eUCP and eURC, below are highlights of the changes from eUCP version 1.1 to eUCP version 2.0:


Preliminary Considerations

  • Introduced in eUCP Version 2.0 for the first time


Article e1

Scope of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) Supplement for Electronic Presentations ("eUCP")

  • Heading re-worded in order to add the shorthand rendition "eUCP"
  • Minor structural changes
  • Clarification that if an eUCP credit does not indicate the applicable version of the eUCP, it is subject to the latestversion
  • Addition of the requirement to add a physical location of a bank


Article e2

Relationship of the eUCP to the UCP

  • Minor structural changes


Article e3


  • Minor structural changes
  • Format of each term reflects that used in UCP 600
  • Addition of "data processing system" to the "place for presentation"
  • New definition for "Presenter"
  • New definition for "Data corruption"
  • New definition for "Data processing system"
  • Definition of "Electronic record" expanded to include logically associated information
  • Deleted the word "traditional" from the definition of "paper"
  • Definition of "Received" now refers to a data processing system, and includes added reference to viewing and examination
  • New definition for "Re-present" and "re-presented"


Article e4 

Electronic Records and Paper Documents v. Goods, Services or Performance

  • New article


Article e5


  • Minor structural changes


Article e6


  • Structural and grammatical changes
  • Amend ‘beneficiary' to ‘presenter'
  • More precise explanation as to which banks are impacted
  • Clarification that the notice of completeness acts as notification that the presentation is complete
  • Clarification that the period for examination commences upon receipt of the notice of completeness
  • A notice of completeness is not required in the forwarding of electronic records by a nominated bank to a confirming or issuing bank
  • Additional methods are added in order to identify an eUCP credit 
  • In the event that the expiry date and/or last day for presentation are extended, it should be indicated in the covering schedule that this is in accordance with the rules


Article e7


  • Sub-articles moved from the previous article e7 (Notice of Refusal)
  • Minor structural changes
  • Expansion to nominated bank acting on its nomination, a confirming bank, if any, or the issuing bank
  • Clarification that the forwarding of electronic records by a nominated bank indicates that it has satisfied itself as to the apparent authenticity of the records 
  • Addition of a sub-article to address the inability of an issuing bank or confirming bank to access electronic records already found compliant by a nominated bank


Article e8

Notice of Refusal

  • Minor structural changes
  • Sub-articles moved for relevance to new article e7 (Examination)


Article e9

Originals and Copies

  • Minor structural changes


Article e10 

Date of Issuance 

  • Change of emphasis in that an electronic record mustnow be dated


Article e11


  • Addition of ‘taking in charge' and ‘goods accepted for carriage'
  • Minor structural changes


Article e12

Data Corruption of an Electronic Record 

  • Title of article amended for preciseness
  • Clarification of the role of the banks
  • Minor structural changes


Article e13

Additional Disclaimer of Liability for Presentation of Electronic Records under eUCP 

  • Minor structural changes
  • Reference to a data processing system
  • Banks are liable for their own data processing systems


Article e14

Force Majeure 

  • New article






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