ICC Banking Commission Tbilisi Agenda October 2018


The meeting will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia from 15 to 17 October 2018, with Task Force & Working Group meetings on 15 &16 October.


The main Plenary Meeting commences on the morning of 17 October with opening remarks by Daniel Schmand, Chair, ICC Banking Commission and Global Head of Trade Finance, Deutsche Bank.


This will be followed by a reflection on the 2018 Global Survey, a presentation of overall ICC strategy and discussion of the Banking Commission work plan, and reports on ICC Banking Commission work stream progress to date.


The first session of the afternoon will address a survey report on the legal status of electronic bills of lading.


This is followed by a session chaired by Dave Meynell entitled ‘Controversy & Guidance', which will address issues such as ‘Usage of drafts under documentary credits: is there a real need'; ‘Negotiation: do we have a common understanding'; ‘The future of UCP: what's next'; and ‘Discrepancy rates: why are they still so high'. The panel will consist of Emile Rummens, Sr. Risk Manager, KBC Group Trade Finance, Gabriele Katz, Director, Deutsche Bank, and Pradeep Taneja, Group Head Of Trade Technical Services, Bank ABC.


The next session, presented by Dave Meynell, will provide an update on the e-compatibility of ICC Rules - eUCP, eURC & URBPO.


As always, the day will finish with the Draft Official Opinions presented by Dave Meynell, Kim Sindberg and Glenn Ransier. 

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