ICC UK Technical Seminars


ICC UK plans a series of workshops throughput 2024, beginning with a seminar on "Sanctions in Trade Finance" in March.


Registrations are now open for the first masterclass of the year, Sanctions in Trade Finance, taking place on Tuesday 26 March from 3pm.


Sanctions imposed by governments or international bodies to achieve foreign policy, national security, or international trade policy objectives have a huge impact on trade finance and complying with the various sanctions regimes across different jurisdictions can be complex and challenging. 

Led by David Meynell, Senior Technical Advisor, ICC Banking Commission Finance for Development, this informative masterclass will cover the following areas:

·       Major international sanctions programs
·       Legal and regulatory landscape
·       Risk mitigation strategies
·       Trade document best practice
·       Technology and tools for sanctions compliance



It is also proposed that a webinar be held in June 2024 addressing ISBP 821.


Possible agenda

  • Background
  • ISBP 821
  • Future & Next Steps


A 2nd seminar is likely to be held in September 2024, on the subject of "Fraud in Trade Finance".


Possible agenda

  • Addressing fraud 
  • Common fraud scenarios 
  • Importance of KYC procedures and due diligence
  • Relevant international regulations and legal frameworks 
  • Red flags and warning signs
  • Risk mitigation
  • Digitalisation
  • Real-life fraud cases, methods used and consequences for businesses
  • Q&A


If circumstances allow, further event ideas will be considered for the end of the year. In any event, the program will continue throughout 2025. 




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