Inconsistent Shipping Dates – ICC Opinion R805 (TA758rev)


A bill of lading showed a shipped on board date of 14 September 2011 and the packing list stated "shipping date 13.09.2011". The issuing bank refused the documents due to the packing list showing an inconsistent shipping date to the bills of lading.

The argument of the nominated bank was that the wording might have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used in each document.

The analysis and conclusion of the ICC Banking Commission agreed with the nominated bank. In this case, the use of shipping date, in the packing list, could refer to the movement of the goods out of the warehouse of the beneficiary for the delivery to the carrier or their agent and should not be seen as an indication of the date of shipment (as is the case with the date appearing in a shipped on board notation on a bill of lading).

See opinion R805 (TA.758rev) for the full transcript of the above.


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