Overview of ICC Banking Commission meeting April 2020


The next Banking Commission Annual meeting will be held in Dubai on 20-23 April 2020.


As stated by John Denton, ICC Secretary General, "The ICC Banking Commission's Annual Meeting provides delegates with the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the latest developments transforming the trade finance industry."


As always, a wide range of compelling and pertinent topics will be addressed, including:

  • the outlook for global trade and trade finance
  • compliance and regulation
  • blockchain and digitalisation
  • sustainability
  • trade asset distribution


In addition, the regular technical sessions will be in place, covering ICC Opinions, update on progress of the International Standard Banking Practices for Demand Guarantees, update on the progress of Uniform Rules for Digital Trade (URDT), and a look at Documentary Trade Practices.


The meeting will also will examine the role of technology in trade finance with a dedicated Fintech Showcase.





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