ICC Banking Commission Technical Advisory Briefings

A proposal was recently forwarded to ICC National Committees and members with regard to delivering briefings on issues surrounding a particular contentious circumstance, or set of circumstances, with a recommended handling solution. 

Whilst it is proposed that the briefings will not be mandatory, they will commit to providing guidance, i.e. exactly as recommended at the ICC Banking Commission Jakarta meeting in 2017: ‘More comprehensive and widely circulated training and guidance’.

Nominations from ICC National Committees have been received, together with suggestions for Advisory Briefings. 

The first meeting was held n 26 October with participation from all regions. 

During the meeting, the initial briefing paper was agreed and will be drafted for release early 2022. Three further papers now under consideration. 
15 attendees at the call and all will be involved in the drafting.  

We will keep you appraised as this develops. 

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